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Words and Space portraits a metaphor of an intrapersonal speech. A single body of a man in one space, confronting its own “mono-dialog”.

Seamless words may or may not form reasonable sentences in the frame of time and are lost and found in the poetry of movement. A presence of individual intimacy and self-realization are the only layers which may lead us to a deeper state of particular conversation. This communication within one or many reveals a vulnerability and authenticity of a moment in the prison of our (own) freedom.

The aim is to project very personal experience of the interpreters whom joy and maybe a struggle appears to be in the present of “naked” beauty and non-violent reality.

Words and Space projects moving images of a painting or a book full of floating stories, it’s personal, intimate and poetic.

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Jiří Pokorny

Baroque repertoire

Carolina Mancuso

Set and light design
Carlo Cerri

Sound design
Yukari Sawaki

Costume construction
Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto costume department – Francesca Messori, Debora Baudoni

Special thanks to Roberto Garreton for guitar recording.

World premiere
Reggio Emilia, Teatro R. Valli, Festival Aperto, 6 October 2016

Broadcasted by
3Sat – EuroArts

Duration 27’ – For 12 dancers